Privacy Policy

The privacy policy was last updated on May 5, 2022.

Enterprise Holdings, Inc., through its independent regional subsidiaries (collectively “Enterprise Holdings”) and network of independent franchisees and fulfillment partners operating the Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, Alamo Rent A Car brands provides global reservation and rental management services.  This site is for an authorized franchisee.  For data sharing and global booking practices of Enterprise Holdings, see the Enterprise Holdings Global Privacy Policy
For information about the privacy practices of the authorized Franchisee for this country, please see below. 

At Auto Benussi doo we respect your privacy. We have developed a Personal Data Protection Policy (Privacy Policy) to clarify how we collect and use data. Learn more about it in the following sections.


Information Collected About You

You may provide us with certain information in connection with a transaction or during your interactions with our websites and at our locations. We collect the following types of personal data about you:
  • your name, contact information, date of birth, driver's license number and expiration date, as well as emergency contact information;
  • vehicle rental information, including the location where the vehicle was rented, date of rental, type of rental and your personal preferences;
  • your credit card information, online user account information, membership numbers / corporate ID numbers, passport information as well as membership information in mileage programs or travel partner associations
As a franchise of Enterprise Holdings, Inc. and/or any of its relevant affiliates ("Enterprise"), Enterprise may share booking information with us. For the mentioned transactions, the independent controllers of data processing are us and Enterprise. Together with Enterprise, we share information about you, as described below in the section entitled "With whom we share information".

Additional information about you is provided to us by third parties such as:
  • Reference sources such as online booking sites (which provide us with general contact information and the booking confirmation number needed to facilitate the rental), your employer (which provides us with general contact information) and your insurer (which provides us with general contact information and information about insurance policy).
  • Hotels, airlines and membership clubs that provide us with general contact information and reservation information.
  • Credit card issuers that provide us with information about your identity for the purpose of fraud prevention.
  • Service providers such as customer support services (data related to customer support requests and inquiries made by you) and marketing service providers (data that helps us better present our products and services)
With your consent, we access data based on location or IP address or collect location tags. We will use this information to send you notifications related to our locations, return information, local offers and other information that we believe will help us provide you with a better service. We use this data exclusively to locate you for the purpose of providing the service. With your consent, our app will use your device's camera. If you've allowed us to use your location data or your device's camera in the past and want to revoke those permissions, please change your device's settings.

Vehicle management data and location data Your vehicle may be equipped with (i) eCall technology for emergency calls and (ii) a telematics system and an

infotainment system ("telematics systems"), which is independently checked by the vehicle's original equipment manufacturer (OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer). The eCall system serves to provide assistance in the event of an accident. In the event of a report of potential or actual theft or potential or actual disappearance of the vehicle, we will request access to the necessary data from the telematics system from the corresponding original equipment manufacturer. The contact information of the original equipment manufacturers as well as their applicable privacy notices, which may include system and service limitations, warranty exclusions, liability limitations, description of purposes, disclosure and retention of information, your individual rights, and transfer of data outside of Europe, are located at websites of the original vehicle manufacturer or may be available via the dashboard in the vehicle.
When you use a satellite navigation or infotainment system in a vehicle, you are responsible for the information that is stored in that system during use. We cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of such information, so you should delete it before returning the vehicle. If you do not do this, subsequent users of the vehicle will have access to this data.


Our services are not intended for direct use by minors (persons under the age of 18, or the legally determined age provided by the jurisdiction of their country). All persons who provide personal information through any area of our Services are considered to be of legal age, i.e. eighteen (18) years of age or older (or the legal age required by their jurisdiction). Our policy provides for the detection of minors attempting to access our services, which may compel us to access and verify your personal information. If we learn that a minor has attempted to access or submitted personal information through our services, we will not accept it and will take all necessary measures to remove that information from our records.


We use the data we collect from you or about you to provide you with our services and for the following purposes:
  • If this is necessary in order to conclude a contract with you and provide you with a service for the duration of the contract, including
    • Assistance with transactions you request, such as reserving, renting, purchasing or leasing motor vehicles.
    • Providing customer service related to your interaction with us or answering your question.
  • If necessary to fulfill our legal obligations, including
    • sharing information about the location of the vehicle with emergency services if you are involved in a traffic accident,
    • sharing information with state and regulatory bodies when required by law, in case of legal proceedings, due to legal obligation or upon request.
  • If this is necessary to protect our legitimate interests set out below if these interests are not subordinated to your rights to the protection of personal data, including
    • Providing important information about your rental, including arrival and departure alerts.
    • Helping to provide better products and services, for example by evaluating the performance of our staff, evaluating the quality of products and services received and helping to improve our websites, facilities and services.
    • Collection of statistical data on the way users use our websites, products and services and their analysis.
    • Development of your profile and the profile of how you communicate with us in order to provide you with customized offers, opportunities and services that may be of interest to you.
    • Protecting our legal rights and managing the security of our network and our property. For example, our business premises are secured by video surveillance, and we also keep a list of clients to whom we do not rent vehicles due to non-payment or for security reasons.
    • Sharing your data with third parties to prevent fraud and protect our own or public business rights, interests, privacy, security and property. We will do this in order to collect overdue debts, avoid liability for fines that are a consequence of your behavior (eg traffic fines) as well as in claims processes.
    • Sharing your information with third parties to enable us to exercise existing legal remedies and limit damages and to enforce the terms of any rental agreement or terms and conditions of use of our websites.
  • If you agreed to it, including
    • Enabling the use of the telematics system.
    • Sending certain promotional or targeted marketing messages, offers and services that may be of interest to you.
    • Sending text messages that contain time-sensitive transaction information (e.g. delays at an airport branch due to construction), information about extended rental options, customer experience questionnaires, marketing promotions, e.g. coupons, discounts, last-minute special offers or information about loyalty and rewards.
Storage of personal data

We store personal data in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act. We keep them for as long as necessary for the purposes for which they are processed or to act in accordance with the law. We keep personal data that we process based on your consent until you revoke it. At the end of the retention period, we delete personal data fundamentally and permanently or anonymize them, so that they can no longer be linked to a specific individual.


Related companies

We share the data we collect about you with our related companies for the purpose of performing the activities of Auto Benussi doo


We share your personal data with Enterprise for the following purposes:
  • Managing your rental and Enterprise contacting you to exchange rental information or rental assistance.
  • With respect to incidents arising out of your business with Enterprise or any additional authorized driver's business with Enterprise, if Enterprise believes that as a result of such an incident, you or the additional authorized driver may pose a risk to future rentals.
  • Telephone surveys on customer satisfaction, whether such surveys are conducted directly by Enterprise or one of its service providers.
  • Sending marketing messages about similar products or services that Enterprise believes may be of interest to you, including targeted advertising on Enterprise's sites, sites of selected partners or social networks.
  • Collection of statistical data and analysis about you and any additional authorized driver, use of Enterprise's products and services, including statistical analysis based on anonymous data, which enables Enterprise to provide you and other customers with better customer support, better products, options and functions.
When sharing such information with Enterprise, we and Enterprise act as independent data processors. Enterprise uses its own privacy policy regarding the information we provide to Enterprise. We encourage you to review Enterprise's privacy policy located here: )

Our Service Providers and Business Partners

We will share information about you with third parties such as are (1) providers of payment services and administrative and technical support, (2) our customers or partners for insurance, corporate rental or other customers or partners, with the aim of enabling transactions related to the rental, (3) providers of communication services that on our behalf send email messages and other marketing materials or materials related to our services, (4) customer support service providers so that we can provide you with customer support, (5) claims collection service providers, (6) claims processing service providers, and (7) ) our advertising and marketing partners, as well as third-party media service providers, including social networks with whom we share aggregated or anonymous data about our users, in order to enable them to sending targeted promotional messages on our behalf, analyzing and improving our data as well as managing this data, implementing mobile analysis services as well as maintaining and improving our services (which is subject to confidentiality agreements if necessary) Government authorities We may share your personal


with state authorities as previously described.

Sale, merger or change of control

Your personal data may be transferred to another company in the event of a transfer, change of ownership, reorganization or merger of all or part of the company or its assets. This occurs when an agreement is reached between the parties according to which the collection, use and disclosure of data is limited to the purpose of the business transaction, including the decision to continue or terminate the business transaction. You will receive a notification by e-mail.


Information that you provide to us or that we collect about you may be transferred to or accessed by authorities around the world, including:
  • Enterprise : If you make a reservation with us or our Enterprise branch, we will transfer your personal data to Enterprise. Company Enterprise Holdings, Inc. has headquarters in the United States of America as well as branches in the USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland and Great Britain.

Your rights may be the following: 1) requesting a copy of your personal data, 2) correcting them, 3) deleting certain categories or types of data, 4) limiting certain types of data processing, 5) obtaining the given data in a structured, machine-readable format and 6) transfer of some data to other organizations. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data based on our legitimate interests. If we have asked you for consent to data processing, you can withdraw it at any time.

We reserve the right not to allow access to your information or to limit your rights (eg, if such disclosure is prohibited by law or if doing so would violate the rights of another individual). In some cases, this means that we may retain your personal data even if you withdraw your consent.


Your contact information is used by our marketing department to answer your questions or send you notifications about the benefits and new offers we have for you. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. You can submit an objection via email to with the indication "Objection to the processing of personal data" .


We will update the Privacy Policy as necessary to implement changes to privacy protection procedures. If we make any significant changes, we will inform you about it through your contact information, which our marketing department uses to answer your questions or send you information about the benefits and new offers we have for you via e-mail.